Monday, May 1, 2017

Oh's Mayday, it's Mother's day...

it's Father's day, i'ts Children's day, its Everyday,
always flowers from the garden.

Ended the last month with roses  and start this month with roses, as this, the time of roses, at least in my garden.

Crépuscule is a reliable rose bred by Francis Dubreuil in France in 1904. It is a Noisette, one of the Old Garden Rose categories.

In my garden practically flowering through out the year. With its decorative small clusters, Crépuscule creates a beautiful rose display with intense, sweet, Old Rose fragrance.

Crépuscule can grow into a very large tall shrub rose up to 4m high and 2 to 4m wide. It is also capable of a semi-climbing habit and can be trained against a trellis or along a fence. Crépuscule is orange, fading to apricot-yellow; the name is French for “twilight”, very apt given its colour reminiscent of sunset.

Quickly to repeat to flower, richly fragrant and very disease resistant; these attributes ensure that Crépuscule is for sure a favourite rose in my garden.

Harvested Jaboticaba. These cherry like fruit are absolutely delicious. These had the perfect ripeness and sweetness. Even the fairly tough skin could be eaten. They are like little health bombs; one fruit contains:
Jaboticaba fruit is low in carbohydrates. It is a rich source of vitamin C and also contains other vitamins like vitamin E, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and folic acid. Minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, manganese and zinc are also present in this fruit. In addition to vitamins and minerals, Jaboticaba is also a good source of several amino acids, fatty acids and many powerful antioxidants that have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies reveal that Jabotica peel is a high source of dietary fiber and phenolic compounds (anthocyanins) that have potent antioxidant properties. Jabuticaba along with its Myrtaceae family fruits have high content of ellagitannins. Jaboticaba peel has one of the highest content of ellagic acid. Anthocyanins content increases with ripening of the fruit.

Also made shortbread biscuits today. Recipe from the "Great Dixter Cookbook"
As I have a habit to change recipes to suit me,  I used a bit less butter and added  some white wine to moisten the dough.
350 g plain flour, 175 g Rice flour,  175 g of caster sugar and I used 300g butter instead of 350 g but added  1/3 cup of white wine. Mix  it all together  and roll out on baking paper. Bake 180 C for around 30 min. Cut the shortbread  while still hot but leave it on the tray until cool. The bikkies are delicious.

OK I think that's it for today. 
I worked for about 4 hours in the herb garden, cleaning up. Not yet finished, as there is so much to do. It already looks much better again. 

Many herbs find any nooks and crannies to lodge their seed. Here Mexican Tarragon has seeded into the gaps of the concrete tiles.

Love, whose month is ever May,
Spied a blossom passing fair 
Playing in the wanton air.  

See you soon again.

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  1. You are amazing still able to work in the garden. Arthritis in my spine ended mu gardening days. Hope you are coping with your grief.

  2. Diane, thank you.I am sorry to hear about your Arthritis, yes that finishes gardening. I hope that you are very happy at your new place and home. It is such a pretty place with lovely gardens. I am ok so far, it is still surreal and will be for a long time to get used to it. It was so sudden and not expected so quickly.